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Introducing FlixWorks

We make things easy

At FlixWorks, we reverse the trend of increased competition in landing auditions in the fast-paced entertainment industry.

As content creators and co-producers, all of the roles advertised at FlixWorks are real jobs waiting for people just like you. In addition, all of the roles are only advertised on FlixWorks – Nowhere else in world.

As specialists and innovators in this field, FlixWorks is here to help you find your place and make your mark.

We are creating a close community of professional creatives to build positive connections in self-promotion and skill development.

As well as casting, FlixWorks has many talent development programs and competitions to get you noticed.

Most of all, we have created communication tools to help you broadcast your auditions, roles, talents and skills to the world.

FlixWorks has been designed to level the playing field so that everyone has the opportunity to let their star shine. We have removed the need for expensive advertising and casting agent fees by bringing everything together in the one place for the benefit of you, our members.

FlixWorks is free to join and each audition is only £1. With every new project, there are hundreds of new roles made available for all ages and skills – Maybe you’re the next star we are looking for! Check out the latest job listings here.

Specialist Casting Agency - India and Globally

We Find You Appropriate Roles

Whether it’s acting, music or dance, FlixWorks showcases your talents to the people that are looking for you. We also give the support needed to develop and become better at what you do best. Our helpful community and FlixWorks Masters regularly share their ideas and experiences to help you grow.

No Gatekeepers

We remove casting gatekeepers preventing you from reaching your true potential. 

No more running into glass ceilings.

We’ll help you find your place in the global industry and put your name in front of the people who can help you achieve your dreams.

We do this through our community vote-based system, allowing you to be suggested by other members, friends and family as you build your Fan-Base.

Reach your full potential as a movie star
Grow Your Acting Portfolio Quickly

Grow Your Portfolio Quickly

FlixWorks productions give you the opportunity to grow your portfolio quickly.

We’ll offer you opportunities to audition for roles in our own productions, helping you instantly build your portfolio. This will be particularly helpful if you have not had the chance before. It will also help you learn more about your craft and confidently pitch yourself in the audition process.

Work With Industry Experts

We are successful industry experts who collaborate globally with multi-award winning casts and crews. Our team is made up of a number of successful industry professionals whose goal is to help you achieve yours! Through sharing our knowledge with you, we help you take the opportunity to shine.

Movie Industry Experts