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Tendency to Love

Jennifer Rose and Gerard John, Co-founders of FlixWorks and Flying Kite Studios received 16 Global  Awards and 11 Nominations for their recent movie production Tendenza Ad Amar (Tendency to Love).

Working together, they wrote the screenplay, produced the music and Gerard John was also the lead male actor. See below for a complete list of awards and accolades

Tendenza ad Amar (Tendency to Love) Official Trailer - Flying Kite Studios from FlixWorks.

  • Accolade Competition 2018 Winner: Award of Merit
    • Actor: leading - Gerard John.
    • Original Score - Gerard John.
    • Original Song - Gerard John.
    • Editing - Chris David.
  • European Independent Film Award 2018 Winner: Bronze Award
    • Best Score - Gerard John, Flying Kite Studios.
  • Festigious International Film Festival 2018 Winner: Festival Award
    • Best Song - Gerard John, Flying Kite Studios.
  • Festigious International Film Festival 2017 Winner: Festival Award
    • Best Original Score - Gerard John.
  • Global Shorts, Los Angeles 2018 Award of Merit
    • Best Screenplay - Jennifer Rose, Flying Kite Studios.
  • Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema 2018 Nominee: IIFC Award
    • Best Editing - Featurette - Chris David, Flying Kite Studios.
    • Best Actor - Featurette - Gerard John, Flying Kite Studios.
    • Best Actress - Featurette - Michela Carattini, Flying Kite Studios.
    • Best Screenplay - Featurette - Jennifer Rose, Flying Kite Studios.
    • Best Director - Featurette - Paul Rickwood, Flying Kite Studios.
    • Best Foreign - Featurette - Jennifer Rose, Gerard John, Paul Rickwood - Nominee.